Playing a Stradivari Violin can be Risky

A 300-year-old Stradivarius violin, costing millions of dollars, was stolen by armed robbers from a celebrated musician who had just came from his performance on January 27, three years ago.

Lead violinist of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Frank Almond was walking in the car park at around 10:20 pm when robbers attacked him with a stun gun and took away his expensive yet loaned instrument. The musician had just finished his concert called the “Frankly Music Series” at Wisconsin Lutheran College when the incident happened.

The stolen instrument was a 1715 Stradivarius, an instrument finely crafted by Antonio Stradivari the world’s most renowned violin maker. The violin was popularly known as ‘Lipinski Stradivarius’, one of the 512 Stradivarius violins that survived and were appraised at the price of 5 million US dollars. The violin has unique linear marks on the back and was responding differently on humidity and temperature according to the Almond.

Last 2010, a Stradivarius violin was also stolen from Min-Jin Kym, a Korean-born classical musician who just bought a sandwich at a London restaurant when the violin was taken. Ten days later, according to Wikipedia, the violin was recovered.

Antonio Stradivari crafted approximately 1100 instruments including violins, cellos and violas. Over a period of 250 years, only 650 instruments have survived. 512 of them are violins.