Violins are for Girls Only? According to Survey

Only 3% out of the 2000 adults consider violin as an ideal musical instrument for males according to the survey spearheaded by London’s Royal Albert Hall. Despite the fact that there are many male violinists who are considered as historical legends and those who are presently leaders of today’s age, only 3% of those interviewed believed that they are for males. But let us not lose hope because 50% of the respondents believed that violins can be performed by both male and female. However, 36 % of them believed that violins are women’s choice of instrument.

So what musical instruments are considered to be male’s choice? According to the survey, brass instruments are believed to be male’s choice. Only 2% of those surveyed believed that trumpets are for women while 3% of them believed that women should play tuba instruments and horn. However, 30% believed that brass instruments are to be played equally by both male and female.