Violin Players would Prefer New Violins than Old According to Experiment

The largest blind testing experiment shows that violin players would prefer new violins than the old ones. The new experiment indicates that the old violins project sound less effectively than the new violins. Researchers, experts and test participants of this experiment can attest that new violins have better sound projection than the violins made by Stradivari and other old violins.

There was also an experiment last 2014 but the result was that violin soloists are unable to distinguish the difference between the new and the old violin in terms of sound projection. A few years back, in 2012 a similar research has been conducted by Claudia Fritz an acoustic expert and Joseph Curtin a US violin maker along with Fan-Chia Tao who is an expert of strings. The result was similar to the 2014 experiment.

After a period of five since the aforementioned research was conducted, a largest ever blind testing experiment has been conducted along with experts and test participants. After a series of tests, results reveal that new instruments garnered higher overall scores compared to old instruments such as Stradivari which rank as second to the last.