4000 Violins Destroyed on Fire in a Musical Instrument Factory in Romania

Fire destroyed approximately 4000 violins inside the musical instrument factory’s Toplita section in Reghin, Romania. The damage ranged up to RON 1 million which is almost €223,000. According to local media, the cause of the fire was an electrical short circuit which burned the 2000 sqm area of the factory. The fire also damaged electrical tools which stored alongside with the 4000 violins and the roof of the raw materials storage and production hall. It took 90 people to put out the fire and rescued RON 1.5 million or €334,000 worth of goods.

Initial reports stated that the Hora musical instruments factory, the largest known factory which produced various stringed musical instruments for over 65 years was also affected by the fire. The management of Hora factory stated that the reports were not accurate.

Reghin is a town in Romania that is renowned around the world for producing musical instruments. Vasile Gliga is also another large violin manufacturing company found in this area. Gilga originally came from Hora, but he left to start his own business.