Violin made out of 16,000 Matchsticks Works

A violin made out of entirely 16,000 matchsticks can be played normally just like other musical instruments. In fact, the violin became a proper concert instrument and was named Unikat Polish Stradivarius.

In 1937, Jan Gwiżdż a Polish bricklayer decided to make a violin out of 16,000 matchsticks. When the instrument was finished it was put on display under the Eiffel Tower in Paris but it was never played as an instrument. The instrument was returned to Poland its birthplace but its maker remained in Paris until he died in 1980. Interestingly, Jan Gwiżdż started a new instrument but he was not able to finish it. The instrument remained in two pieces up to this day.

Hubert Gwiżdż the grandson Jan Gwiżdż made the effort to make his grandfather’s instrument suitable for concert performance.