Qualities that a Young Aspiring Professional String Player should Possess

Ms. Lucie Robert, a violin faculty member of Manhattan School of Music and Mannes School of Music, shared her advice to young aspiring professional strings players.

A native of Montreal, violinist Lucie Robert has been performing and recording for many years. She spent over twenty-five years teaching and giving master classes all over the world on different prestigious institutions. Later her students won major prizes in different major competitions around the world. With her knowledge, skill, and experience, she shares her advice that every young aspiring musician should do in their career.

According to Ms. Robert, there is no secret formula. But according to her observation, specific common characteristics usually stand

Superb hearing skills

every musician should have a sensitivity to the quality of sound and intonation. One must have a natural ability of feeling, hearing, and understanding harmony and its musical implications and how it affects the entire drama of work.




A sense of Rhythm

Ms. Robert said that a musician must have an organic sense of pacing. One must have an understanding of the tempo and its relationship to the structure and character of the piece that is being played. One must have an emotional connection to their sense of pulse, knowing that music’s breath is the




Having an x-factor charisma with a strong will

A musician must be someone whom everyone must hear. One must also have a powerful voice and who has the imagination and urgency in their performance.






Can coordinate with their instrument naturally

Of course, anyone can learn an instrument but those who are genius in whatever string instruments will always stand out, much more if they pursue mastery through education and training. They are those we call “born to play.”




Connect emotionally

Standing out as a musician must involve synchronization of instinct, intellect, intuition with their emotion as well as their physical aspect in playing an instrument.





Unparalleled Concentration

The capacity to focus intensely for an extended period.





Independence, Curiosity, and Intelligence

The eagerness and capability of dig deeper and get more than what is asked for or what the score requires. The ability to examine the piece and its underlying structure. The Curiosity of understanding all aspect of music as well as life itself. To be inquisitive.




Having a great memory is needed

Possessing this quality seems very essential. It will save much time regarding printed notes as well as any particular work or even those who have no printed or sketched notes.



Work Ethics

Of course, everyone has a different working habit as well as the various amount of time they need with their instrument. However, everyone must maintain their standards on the highest level at all times as possible, which can only be achieved if work is regularly done. Ms. Robert said that one must do what they need to do because it’s their responsibility and job to do it.




The capacity to learn efficiently

One must have an intellect to solve problems as they practice. They must possess the ability to learn all things at once quickly. The ability to absorb music and store it in memory for the future.



To remain humble regardless of what you’ve become

Lastly, Ms. Robert said that every musician must know how to deal with their psych or their emotional self. They must know how to present themselves, bounce back and create opportunities. Accepting criticism is also important as well as learning from it the things that you feel necessary. Do not let doubts overcome everything from above. One must maintain the sense of who they are and what they want strong.



Lucie said that there is so much more to discuss. However, what makes this journey so special is the overall passion and commitment to the beauty of music, to our art and the heart to share the beauty of it with others.