The Negligence of Music in Schools is Appalling according to Andrew Lloyd Webber

In one new Classic FM show, a discussion was rendered by Andrew Lloyd Webber regarding the empowering force of music. However, he also spoke of the music cuts in schools and its disastrous effect.

A fiery statement was given by Andrew Lloyd Webber as he spoke to Howard Goodall, his fellow composer about music cuts in schools in their new FM show “The Sound of Music.”

Lloyd Webber told Goodall that he thinks it’s an appalling thing to see music being neglected now in schools. He further explains it that in his foundation, in their tiny way, now have 6,000 kids who in every week acquired a free music lesson in the schools in the city of London. However, he said, it’s now sinking down to the bottom of the ocean.

Lloyd Webber donated £1.4 million last year from his foundation to a program that provides school children free music lessons.

He said that the government should grasp the fact that it’s not that they are making people into musicians every time they spend money for music. It’s music as an empowering force which will come to them in tenfold.


Lloyd Webber added that Brit school that is doing a fantastic job now has trouble with their funds to offer free schooling for kids up to 16 years old. The government withdraws their funding to some extent. They say it’s between 16 to 18 years old, but he was wondering if it ever occurred to the Chancellor of the Exchequer how much they are making out of Amy Winehouse or Adel.