Aeroflot Responds to Musicians’ Outcry for Hand-Luggage Rules

Just after the announcement made by Aeroflot Airlines to tighten their enforcement of hand luggage rules, thousands of the country’s musicians express their outcry. Nearly 14,000 signed the petition to change the regulation, making it possible for musicians to travel with their musical instruments safely and securely stored on board.

In response to the musicians’ outcry, the Russian airline company relented and offered a special dispensation that would allow violins and violas in the cabin.

According to a post found in their website, with the title “Aeroflot improves regulations on carrying musical instruments as hand luggage,” they noted that Aeroflot had increased the size allowance for musical instruments in accordance to the requests of Russia’s top musical ensembles. They raised the total combined dimension allowance from 115 to 135 cm for hand luggage. This will accommodate a majority of musical instruments including violins and violas in the cabin.

They also have provisions for guitars which exceeds the 135 total dimension requirements. They said that it is possible to accommodate as long as the passenger notified their management 36 hours before the departure. This accommodation depends on the type and technical features of the aircraft.

Aeroflot added that those who carry instruments as hand luggage inside the cabin could no longer take other additional hand luggage.

The updated regulations of Aeroflot had taken effect on February 15, 2018. The positive response of the airline was considered as one of the best practices implemented by other leading international airlines.