Herniated Disc Problem Forced Violinist David Garrett to Cancel His Concerts

David Garrett had an accident when he slipped on the ladder going down the car park to meet his family after the first half of his concert at the Barbican Hall in London. He fell on his back sliding down the ladder riding his violin which was strapped on his back like a sled. The musician’s valuable violin was broken into pieces and later found that he had a herniated disk.

Garrett’s medical situation caused him to cancel a total of 14 concerts including recitals. Other musicians took some of these concerts.

Garrett calls out his friends and fans on his website telling how sorry he was for not playing in the concerts as of the moment. He said that he and his team would try their best to speed up his recovery and be able to see them soon as he gets back on tour.

The management of his team said that Garrett was glad that his colleagues would perform in behalf of him on some of his concerts, though he regrets the cancellations of some concerts deeply.