Learn Where Airy, Squeaky, and Scratchy Sound Came From

If the bow is not correctly vibrating and gripping the strings, unclear, scratchy, squeaky and airy sound will come out. Let’s examine the cause of this issue with excerpts from “Improve Your Bowing Technique.”

Unclear, Airy, Scratchy and Squeaky Sounds

These sounds are an indication that the bow does not correctly grip and vibrate the strings. Here are some of the reasons for this particular issue:

  • Lack of Rosin in the Bow Hairs
  • Bowing at the wrong angle
  • The weight or pressure on the strings from the bow is not sufficient
  • Could not locate the right sounding point that will work for pitches and the speed of the bow you use
  • Tilted bow stick directing towards you. This causes sliding of the bow towards the scroll
  • Poor bow or string quality