8-year Conductor Conducts Liszt and Nails it

You don’t have to worry about the future of classical music anymore. This eight-year boy will have a bright future ahead as he conducts the entire musical piece composed by Liszt.

It’s undeniable that eight-year-old Edward Yudenich is indeed a child prodigy. He is one of the world’s youngest conductors. This promising young boy conducts the State Conservatory of Music’s Student Orchestra in Pashkent, Uzbekistan.

Yudenich mentor is one of the most revered conductors in their country, Professor Vladimir Neymer.

Watch how Edward Yudenich conducts the Uzbekistan State Orchestra, leading them as they perform Liszt’s third of his 13 symphonic poems, the “Les Preludes.”

His precision, dynamic, and energy is a clear proof that this boy has a long way to go in the future and will achieve more great things.