The Power of Music: A Drug Deterrent

A music student and viola player were employed by a town council in Lombardy to stop the rampant abuse and distribution of illegal drugs.

A small town in Lombardy Italy called Ceriano Laghetto with a population of 6,500 people was devastated by an epidemic of drug abuse.

Hundreds of customers would go to the town to buy illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine according to councilors. They came from different places in Lombardy, and they do it every day.

The mayor of Ceriano Laghetto, Dante Cattaneo said that drug addicts across the region had taken the line as their hostage. Every half an hour, a train would arrive, coming from each direction. Every time the train comes in, 10 of the passengers will get off just to buy drugs.

Last August, an unusual plan was drawn by the council to battle their problem with drugs. They planned to seek help not from a group of military men, mercenaries, or even from the Avengers but from a young viola player.

The young viola player was a 19-year-old Asha Fusi. Her job was to help stop the criminal activity by disrupting it. The selling of drugs generates from between five and six million euros every year.

The teenage violist takes her viola to the middle of Groane Park, the place where drug dealers and users are having drug trades. There she pulls out her viola and plays a composition written by an Italian composer Benedetto Marcello, his Viola Concerto in G.

Fusi said that the music that she produced became a temporary deterrent to drug dealers and their buyers. She said that when she started playing the dealers left and seemed to be frightened by the presence of someone who is not their client.

Fusi is an Italian music student and at the same time a councilor whose focus and responsibility is on the culture in the town. She said she brought culture into Groane park which became effective in countering years of drug dealing phenomenon in the area.

The problem of illegal drugs began when Ceriano Laghetto-Groane train station which has been closed for 50 years was reopened in 2012.

According to Cattaneo on his statement in the newspaper said, that the opening of train station had been punishing them for 6 years. The train station is located in the heart of the woods, and just a few meters away from the platforms are drug dealers.

A group of volunteers and the council are joining forces to clean the park every month, which covers a width of nearly 4,000 hectares. At the same time, they remind dealers not operate in the area.

According to Mayor, he has already requested for a guard that would permanently be stationed in Groane Park. However, his request was only ignored by the government.

According to Fusi, people should be able to live quietly and peacefully as they go out, take a walk or take a train without being threatened by the possibility of stepping on syringes or even worst.

She added that the art of music is a potent weapon to fight against the culture of drugs which leads to the destruction of lives and death. She said she recognized that it’s not enough, but from a symbolic point of view it already sends out a powerful message.