Don’t Dare Say These 20 things to a Classical Musician

We admire the skill and the work of art that classical musicians do. But do we know what to say or not to tell them when we meet them or when we have the chance to mingle with them. Unfortunately, we don’t have a manual guide for that. So here are the 20 things you should not say to a classical musician when you meet one.

  1. Hey, what’s your job on daytime?

2. You know, playing for free can be useful for your exposure.

3. You know I also love classical music. My favorite opera is the Phantom

4. So you’re a musician, can you play something for me right now?

5. Your instrument is cool! Can I touch it?

6. Great! But I thought classical music is dead

7. The song that you play is it real or did you just make it up?

8. So, how do you make money?

9. Oh I like the four seasons a lot

10. Listening to classical music is what I love, especially when I’m trying to fall asleep or studying.

11. Sorry, but something went wrong with my event, your quartet can go early, Here’s one half of the payment.

12. Really, it’s not a just a hobby for you?

13. You had a great CD…I burned a lot of copies and gave them to my friends.

14. Wow…so, you are striving to be a musician?

15. Can you put me on your concert ticket free list? A +1 maybe.

16. That was great! Can you tell me your backup plan?

17. Do you have a Stradivarius in your possession?

18. That was fantastic! You know I was playing the piano before.

19. You know what you should do….?

20. You should audition on the X-factor.