15 Things you’ll agree if you know you are a String Player

Are you really a string player? Well, you will definitely agree on these things and see that you are genuinely a string player, when…

1. Your instrument is more expensive than your car

2. You had no lover, but you got a hickey

3. You’ll rather sacrifice a leg than an arm

4. When you see loose strings on an instrument, you feel sad.

5. When you look at an actor pretending to play an instrument, you began to feel like you die a little.

6. The Rosin stains on your pants make your dry cleaner moan constantly

7. You don’t even think twice when asking for a spare of G string.

8. You’re right-handed, but you had more coordinated left hand than your right.

9. On the train, you cease yourself air-bowing

10. At night time, you brush with a bow-hold

11. Your dictation exams are played by your right hand like a fingerboard

12. You rarely feel anything when you touch a hot plate.

13. Your left ear could not hear a little bit compared to your right ear

14. You give better treatment to your instrument than anyone or anything around you.

15, You nod in agreeing as you read all of the above.

So by now, you must have indeed confirmed that you are definitely in no doubt a string player.