The First All-Digital Youth Orchestra in the World: Yorkshire Young Sinfonia

Yorkshire Young Sinfonia, a unique youth orchestra and the first in the world to be 100% digital, using IPads for their sheet music. Their long plan to use digital technology in their orchestra happened at last. Last August 19, 2017, Yorkshire Young Sinfonia along with Violin Soloist Ray Chen put up a concert at Hill City Hall, in Yorkshire with the first ever all-iPad program.


According to Tom Hammond, Yorkshire Young Sinfonia Conductor said that for many years, orchestras’ using digital technology is on the advance. But there had not been a youth orchestra that performed using on screens on the entire concert. Hammond added that resources and time would be saved if you switch to digital scores from the traditional paper.

Another cool digital help is the use of Bluetooth foot pedals connected to Newzik’s new software to quickly turn the pages and share in real time with other musician’s music annotations as well as bow markings.

Yorkshire Young Sinfonia also offers young musicians life-changing musical courses and remarkable concerts that they will never forget. With their cutting-edge education along with musicians that made up their team coming from the leading conservatories and orchestras in Europe, YYS continually making headlines.

According to Hammond, because all music can be accessed in IPad, there will be no more of that old “I forgot to bring my sheet music” excuse.