According to Research Classical music can encourage buying expensive clothing

A study has conducted that shopping while listening to classical music makes you spend more money buying stuff.

Pernille Andersson a Swedish researcher revealed that different spending habits are encouraged when a person shops while listening to different types of music.

When we shop, various factors influence us subconsciously. It includes appearance, smell and of course sounds.

The Music that Encourages People to spend more Money

“Muzak” a background ambient music was played on many shops believing that customers will come in and buy more things even those that they don’t need.

The effect of listening to classical music while shopping

Anderson stated that we people would often associate the more beautiful things in life with classical music. So if a shop plays classical music, people would think that the shop is selling high-quality products.

On high street stores, to associate themselves with the hip crowd, they would play contemporary music. However, this method is not the best one to encourage people to buy products. Anderson stated that people move quickly through the store with fast-paced music.

Other Factors in Music Involved

In the argument stated by Anderson, the tempo of the music is the most crucial element the influence money spending habit. For example, using music with an up-tempo will speed up the eating of customers in the restaurant. The fast music that plays in the restaurant allows them to serve as many customers as possible.

On the contrary, costumers relax in slower music causing them to take their time at the table. It might encourage them to remain over a meal and would stick around for dessert.