Teacher in Georgia was imprisoned for stealing His Student’s violin to Pay Parking Fine

A teacher in Georgia thought he could just quickly get away with the parking fine worth $700 by stealing a violin from his student worth $750, but it was his big mistake.


21-year old teacher Kalif Jones at Brockett Elementary School, Georgia was arrested by the local police for stealing one of his own pupil’s violin. The evidence was undeniably overwhelming when the CCTV footage was released catching his actual stealing of the violin.

According to the local police, the students were eating lunch in the canteen, so Jones found the opportunity to steal the student’s violin. The violin was worth $750, the right price to pay the $700 parking fine charged to him. However, it was a big mistake because he had no idea that he was being watched.

Jones who is from Stone Mountain, thought that he could just quickly get away with the theft, but when the surveillance footage of his actual carrying of the case of the violin through the school then went out of the doors was shown to him, He had no choice but to confess the entire crime.

The child’s mother reported that the instrument was stolen so, in November 2018, the investigation was launched. The 9-year-old student was broken-hearted when he went home without his musical instrument, so the mother immediately reported to the school’s principal about the incident.

Linda Kessie, the mother of the child, was shocked by what happened. She said that it was not fair and right. She also added that it was embarrassing and despicable. Kessie was disappointed entirely because the teacher disregards the trust given to him as the second parent and guardian of the pupils in the school. She said that it’s terrible for a teacher to take advantage of the situation.