25 Things that would Make Musicians Feel Better About themselves if They Do This Today

Becoming a musician involves lots of challenges. But the road would be easier if these 25 things would be done today. It’s like losing a lot of weight, and you will feel lighter and better. Unfortunately, these 25 things are not in manuals so here they are.

1. Don’t compare others to yourself

2. Don’t let money dictate your decisions

3. Don’t make any one’s project the basis of the success of your career

4. Don’t underestimate your proficiency

5. Don’t just settle on what you know

6. Stop pressuring yourself with overwhelming and unachievable goals that require you to have it done tomorrow.

7. Always remember the reason that you are there

8. Understand where the criticisms came from

9. Satisfy the artist within you

10. Focus on a specific vision or goal

11. Make every day of your life meaningful

12. Pour out all that you got on every performance and let it go

13. Shift your attention from journey to destination

14. Get rid of the hatred towards others

15. Constructive criticisms must be embraced

16. Eat real and work out

17. Know yourself well and what you desire

18. Be Kind

19. Adore the daily music making act

20. Make the life you live a part of an artistic community

21. Pursue Passion Projects

22. Make sure you are growing consistently and continually

23. Continue being optimistic

24. Stop demanding for perfection

25. Lastly, stop taking life so seriously