The 3Dvarius on its Venture to a New Era of Violin Playing

Yes, violins come in different shapes and sizes or should I say “different shapes and plastic.” Yes, you heard it right – “plastic.” We may have seen all sorts of stuff formed to become a violin like a violin made out of a thousand matchsticks, a violin made from a cigar box, a paper violin and many more. So it’s not impossible to see a plastic violin.

It’s a 3D violin created by Laurent Bernadac. Bernadac printed 30,000 layers of plastic on a 3D printer to form this remarkable instrument in a professional standard.

This insane creation is called the 3Dvarius violin. Well it’s, of course, 3D printed but it’s not somewhat related to the renowned Italian master Antonio Stradivari but perhaps inspired by him in his creative mind. The printing of 30,000 plastic layers took 24 hours to finish, and it was printed only in one single piece.

Questions rise up from critics regarding the sound it produces, but there are those who uphold the instrument saying that it can help composers and musicians to unleash more of their creativity. According to Bernadac, the instrument has a very clear and full sound, and it is also very light and comfortable to use.

There were already hundreds of copies introduced and sold on some parts of the world especially in Europe and America.

The designs found in the instrument are very intricate. You can see different engraved words and patterns on its surface. It was something that only 3D printing can do as what Bernadac says. He added that only 3D printing can produce any shape you want. These very complicated shapes would also be intensely cumbersome and impossible to form using another technology. Also, some of the little things you can find on this 3D violin can only be produced through 3D printing, said Bernadac.

The cost of 3D various is 7000 euros or 8039.15 USD. Bernadac hopes that his instrument would help more musicians around the world to discover new sounds out of it as well as techniques in playing. Ultimately, he desires that a new musical repertoire would be created for the 3Dvarius.