Alma Deutscher celebrated composer, musician and writer at the age of 11

At the young age of eleven, Alma Deutscher has achieved something that not anyone of her age can normally do. In her young age, she is already a concert violinist, a virtuoso pianist, and a composer. Alma was able to write her first sonata when she was 6 years old. When she reached the age of 11, she already had her first full opera entitled “Cinderella” that was premiered in Vienna last December 2016.

It’s quite a massive achievement for a child whose age is only 11 years old becoming a complete musical genius.

This down to earth girl from Dorking said that creating music was natural for her because she said didn’t know anything about how to compose music. But her composition is quite a reflection of who she is.

In the opera “Cinderella” that Dorking created, the character named Cinderella is a composer. Cinderella’s stepmother in the plot is an opera director, and her stepsisters are the snobby divas. Of course, there is a Prince, a poet who had become fascinated by the music Cinderella created and Cinderella of course.

Alma explains how she was inspired to create compositions. She said that she would never get any inspiration to create one if she is forcing it. When Alma sits down and intentionally tries to create something, nothing happens. But during those times that she was not thinking about it, just doing regular things or skipping in the garden and just relaxing she would get that inspiration and be able to create something. She added that even when she is sleeping or having a dream or when she was about to wake up she would get that beautiful inspiration she needed to compose music.

Alma’s first created opera was premiered last December 29, 2016, in what was known as the capital of music, Vienna. It was the best place for an opera premier where great composers such as Mozart and Hayden had once set their foot to showcase the product of their musical ingenuity.

Alma is also starting to write a book and is looking forward to making it a film someday. Of course, she wouldn’t want to miss writing the musical score for the film.