The Queen of the Violin and Her Story

All her life, Lisa Batiashvili’s fascination with the violin has taken her to a higher level. She started playing the instrument when she was two years old in Georgia her native town. It was the first time she held and played the instrument and never again let go of it. When she reached the age of 32, she became one of the best violinists in the world.

According to Lisa, she started to fall in love with the violin when she saw the young pupils of her father came to their house to take violin lessons. It was a special moment for her because during those times children don’t have as many distractions as children have today. The world where they could live out their fantasy is found in the world of music.

Lisa’s father became her violin teacher until she reached the age of 11. Her family left for Germany just before the civil war outbreak in 1991. Lisa was married to Francois Leleux, a world-renowned oboist. They are now living in France together with their two children.

Lisa’s remarkable passion for violin led her to become one of the world’s best violinists who had performed with the all the of the world’s top orchestras. She had performed with Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra playing Johannes Brahms’ Violin Concerto. This is also the time when she got caught up with “Musica.”

According to Lisa, the concerto required her with lots of physical and inner strength. She learned the concerto when she was a teenager, but she left it alone for many years. She said she would usually do it on various concertos to get experience from them and come back to them later on. She did it because she thinks that it would be very challenging for her to go through the length of the piece and its difficulties.

She would often think that this concerto was only intended for male players. It was very challenging for her because of some areas and sections in the piece. These should not be too difficult for her if she only had big hands like men.

But despite all that Lisa’s talent didn’t go unnoticed. She was one of the lucky musicians who were able to loan one of Antonio Stradivari’s precious violins. The Stradivari she had dates from 1709 with the value that is worth millions of euros. According to Lisa the sound of her Stradivari is extremely sensitive and exquisite.

She would often think that her instrument also felt all the struggle and experiences she had while practicing as well as suffering the strains and stress. She said, for her, it was her best partner to create beautiful music.

Lisa would try to learn a new musical piece every year, and she admits that it’s always very challenging for her. She said it was more difficult for her now that she has children than when she was just a student. Her routine is always too busy which makes her less efficient. But being a violinist she had no choice but to learn something new continually. It was still a huge advantage for her because musicians always grow with the music.