Slapin-Solomon Viola Duo on their Twenty Years of Viola Craziness

Scott Slapin is a viola performer and composer who started a viola duo with his wife, Tanya Solomon. They are based in western Massachusetts and have been performing as a viola duo for two decades. They were known as the Slapin-Solomon duo. He said it was something weird not because they had a viola duo (which viola players would commonly do from time to time) but because they were doing it for an extreme length of two decades, non-stop. He even said that it’s gotten out of control a little bit.

According to Slapin, they have played everything and anything you can think of. From a vast array of solo recitals, up to wine tastings, film soundtracks, art galleries and all types of gigs, you name it. They have gathered many well-known Classical repertoires and arranged them into three books. Also, Slapin has written around 30 original works for viola duet. They also have recorded and premiered new viola duos on all sorts of genres created by many composers of the 20th and 21st Century.

Scott Slapin has also written original works for chamber orchestra amounting to a total of seven albums.