How did a rare $200,000 worth violin got sold for only $50?

The owner of the LBC Boutique shop in Somerville Massachusetts, USA was surprised when a woman brought a violin in to be sold. The owner, Dylan McDermitt, was even more surprised to discover that the price was only $50. So he didn’t waste much time and immediately bought the instrument from the woman. According to McDermitt, the woman said that her daughter was done with her violin lessons, so they want to sell the instrument.

But the surprise didn’t just end there when they received a phone call from a police officer telling them that the violin is an extremely rare instrument and it’s over $200,000 in value. But why did the woman sold it for only $50? Well, the woman may not know the real value of the instrument or she might know something about its value but didn’t want to draw attention from people. The main reason is that the instrument was actually stolen. According to the police report, it was stolen from a local family, inside the home of a couple in Somerville while they are sleeping.

Mr. McDermitt was surprised when he found out that what he bought was a one-of-a-kind instrument, handcrafted by Ferdinando Gagliano in the year 1759. Mr. McDermitt reported that even the bow the instrument alone costs around $16,000 to $18,000. The owners of the instrument were happy that their precious violin was safely returned to them.