Violinist Keeps Playing amidst a Violent Protest in Venezuela

A mass protest was initiated by civilians in Venezuela to express their opposition the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his government. At least 50 civilians were detained as ordered by the military courts which led into a deadly mass protest.

The military court of Venezuela had detained a total of 75 protesters, according to Alfredo Romero, who is an attorney with the NGO Foro Penal (Criminal Justice Forum). He said that 50 of those who were caught remained in custody. These civilians, as well as those previously caught, were placed on trial. Military hearings have been conducted for several days.

Romero also added that about 40 or more people are expected to face the judges that Monday. Romero called this illegal because military courts should not hold civilians on trial.

There has been no confirmation of civilian arrests from government officials or the processing of civilian suspects by military personnel. Legal expert Luis Betancourt in Foro Penal said that the 50 people who got arrested were held in the Guarico state. The detentions were also reported in a video by the head of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro.

According to Almagro, the worst dictatorship in Venezuela is represented by its part civilian, part military regime. He added that legally it is utterly out proportion for military judges to charge civilians. Almagro is an Uruguayan diplomat who is leading the US-based regional policy coordinating body.

During the riot, cops fired tear gas on thousands of civilians who were pressing ahead on their campaign against the Venezuelan president and his endeavor to reform the constitution. The campaign lasted for a week. Since April 1, 2017, where series of riots erupted, it left hundreds of protesters injured and 36 people dead due to the clashes according to authorities.


It was amazing to see one protester holding his violin and keep on playing despite the clashes around him.



Venezuela is an oil-rich state, and yet it suffers food shortage and economic crisis. Demonstrators blamed Maduro such and said that his constitutional move is just a scheme to prevent early election calls.

According to Maduro, the United States backed up a capitalist conspiracy to go against his elected socialist government. On the other hand, his chief prosecutor had already spoken out against the detention of civilian protesters.